Your Coachella 2017 perfume must-haves

By Lauren Carbran

We can’t stop thinking about festival season – and Coachella is finally here! We have all you need to survive this tough, tough time, when our beauty routine is challenged by scorching-hot weather, there’s endless partying and no curfews. Sounds good to us! Here are our must-haves…

CK OneCalvin Klein CK One Summer 2017 to smell fresh

Fact: no one can survive Coachella without CK One. Why? Well, what else will keep you smelling fresh and fab? Exactly. This unisex scent is the perfect concoction of cucumber and lime for you to share with your partner. It will remind you of the crisp, icy air – even when you’re in full Coachella swing, raving in the desert.

tom ford velvet orchidTom Ford Velvet Orchid to get in the party mood

Get ready to party with Tom Ford Velvet Orchid. It plays homage to the Caribbean, with its notes of honey, rum and vanilla. And festivalgoers there sure know how to party! So when you spritz this on before your fave act at Coachella, you’ll have the time of your life. What else could smell better? We’re going to have serious FOMO.

JUICY COUTURE ROLLERBALLJuicy Couture Viva La Juicy Sucré Rollerball for perfume on the go

At Coachella you’ll DEF be craving a perfume top-up on the go. Yep, from dancing to Galantis to taking super-cool Instagrams, you’ll want regular spritzes of Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy Sucré Rollerball for the divine smell of almond cream, cocoa bean and peach nectar. You’ll make your fellow festivalgoers totally jel. It’s just so addictive…

B.-Cleansing-Wipes-4363125-B.-Pure-Micellar-WipesB. Pure Micellar Wipes for your cleansing routine

Say hey to your Coachella hero, B. Pure Micellar Wipes, which will wipe away mascara, dirt and face makeup. And after all that raving, we suggest sleeping with a fresh face, so you’ll wake up the next morning and feel good to go. Take these everywhere! We love.

Minnies sparkling body powderMinnies So Into It Sparkling Body Powder for your festival look

Soz, but you’ve got to look your best at Coachella. And we have the answer! Dust yourself over with Minnies So Into It Sparkling Body Powder, for that extra shimmer. Perfect for your fave music act, or just to get loads of views on your Snapchat story…

Image: Rex Features

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