The 4 perfumes that were inspired by love stories

By Lauren Carbran

Love a love story? So do we – yep, we’re hopeless romantics. That’s why we’re superfans of these beaut fragrances, which were created to smell like the love stories they’re inspired by…

YSL-Mon-Paris-50ml-packshotYves Saint Laurent Mon Paris

Mon Paris is inspired by an intense love affair, one like no other, when a couple are head over heels for each other (aw, true love). We’re talking a head-spinning love story, when the one you meet makes the world around you stand still. The notes of pear, orchid and white musk in this gem transport you to Paris, and the love story continues as soon as you spray it. Yep, we dare you to write your own ending to this passionate story…

shalimarGuerlain Shalimar

You can’t get more romantic than this scent, which smells of rose, vanilla and jasmine. Yes, get comfy, guys – it’s story time. Guerlain Shalimar was inspired by a true love story set in India over 300 years ago (tear jerker alert). Shah Jahan, the third Emperor of India, had many wives but adored just one – Mumtaz Mahal. So, as you do, he planted gardens of blossoms, pools and fountains and named them the Shalimar Gardens. When Mumtaz died, he was heartbroken and built the Taj Mahal as a mausoleum for her. In 1925 the Guerlain family were told this love story, and were so deeply moved that they created a fragrance they named Shalimar – not the Taj Mahal as that would have marked the end of their love story. And their love would never end. Crying.

Chloe lvoe story ea sensualleChloé Love Story Eau Sensuelle

This may just be the best thing 2017 has given us. Yes, the soft smells of orange blossom, passion flower and musk in Love Story Eau Sensuelle are absolutely gorge. And as the words love story appear on the label, we have to tell you about it. Picture this – the sun is setting on a rooftop in Paris, there’s a slight breeze along the banks of the Seine, and as the day turns to night, a perfect love story evolves. He’s fascinated by her and can’t take his eyes off her. She’s a little shy, but without knowing it, she gives hints of her feelings. True love is blossoming, people. How cute.

abercrombie_fitch_first_instinct_eau_de_toilette_spray_30mlAbercrombie & Fitch First Instinct

This love story doesn’t start in Paris or Venice. No, it all starts in a high-school corridor somewhere in LA as the girl drops her class books and the guy helps her pick them up. Their eyes meet, there are butterflies in the stomach – and the rest is history. We’re to assume they have a super-hot, steamy romance as the First Instinct campaign insinuates (two teenagers getting it on in a car). And, trust us, when you smell the notes of gin and tonic, melon and amber, you’ll totally get why we’re smitten with it.


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