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5 Minutes with Trudi Loren from DKNY

By Lauren Carbran

Christmas means treats. And DKNY is playing Santa this year. Why? It’s launched its limited-edition holiday fragrances to make us feel EVEN more festive. We spoke to Trudi Loren, Senior Vice President of Corporate Fragrance Development at DKNY, to find out a little but more…

trudiWhat was the original inspiration behind DKNY Be Delicious and Fresh Blossom?

Be Delicious is inspired by the more personal, emotional spirit of the city. It’s all about emotion, personal connection and optimism. Fresh Blossom was inspired by the delicate nature found in the city. The apple blossoms in Central Park gave rise to the olfactive inspiration.

Why do you think the signature apple note in DKNY Be Delicious has become so iconic?

Everyone understands and knows the apple, whether through personal experience or as the iconic symbol of a city. So DKNY Be Delicious, with its apple-shaped bottle and apple scent, reinforces the consumer’s identification and comfort.

How were the Be Delicious and Fresh Blossom fragrances updated for the Crystallized collection to create a touch of sparkle?

Each of the fragrances was reinterpreted to add a touch of sparkle and effervescent facets reflecting the shine and facets of the bottle. You can’t not love Be Delicious Crystallized and Fresh Blossom Crystallized.

The partnership with Swarovski is an exclusive and limited edition for the iconic Be Delicious fragrance. What excites you about this collaboration?

The exciting collaboration with Swarovski allowed us to design an outstanding and luxurious piece of art for the iconic Be Delicious apple, a classic favourite scent with added special sparkle. The Be Delicious Limited Swarovski Crystal Edition is the perfect gift for that special someone. There were only 55 of these special edition bottles made, so grab them fast!

What is your favourite aspect of the new Crystallized collection design?

I love the reinterpretation of the bottle. It is both precious and youthful.

What are the most luxurious notes in the Be Delicious and Fresh Blossom Crystallized collection?

The green apple note in Be Delicious Crystallized still takes centre stage in this new adaption, while the delicate floral petals of honeysuckle add texture to the floral bouquet in Fresh Blossom Crystallized.

Where do you find inspiration and sparkle during holiday time in New York?

There’s no other place more sparkling than 5th Avenue, with the lights on the buildings, the decorative street lamps and the windows of the stores!



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