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The 4 celebs we wish would bring out a fragrance

By Lauren Carbran

OK, so don’t judge us, but we totally wish these celebrities would bring out a perfume. Trust us on this one – who wouldn’t want to wear a scent made by these stars?

KYLIEKylie Jenner

The youngest of the Jenner clan has already brought out lip kits and eye palettes, but we’re totally fixated on the idea that her next move should be into perfume (oh pretty please, Ky Ky). And it’s got us thinking. The name? Jenner Juice. The bottle? Peachy pink, shaped like her plump lips (obvs). The smell? A tropical mix of coconut, passion fruit and raspberries, to suit all those who love vacaying on exotic islands, too. We’re in!

HARRYPrince Harry

Oh darling, should one bring out a perfume? Um, YES! And it should be for all the royal fam fans out there. And since Prince Harry has the wild side/party spirit sorted, we’d totally imagine the scent, with notes of champagne, orange blossom and ginger. Mmm, delish! Ready, set, PARTY!

EDEd Sheeran

We can’t stop listening to Ed Sheeran ATM, so we think he should consider bringing out a scent as addictive as his music. His sweet, sweet melodies would be reflected in the fragrance’s notes of honey, vanilla and chocolate, while the bottle would be in the shape of an orange guitar (‘cause his gingerness should not be ignored). We’re pretty sure it would go straight to the top of the perfume charts.

JAMIEJamie Oliver

Now, can someone tell us why a chef hasn’t bought out a perfume yet? Well, we think 2017 is the year to push all boundaries. And we’re talking to you, Jamie Oliver. Yep, we think a perfume, mastered with his expert culinary skills, would go down a treat. Just imagine the notes of ginger, seaweed and citrus – oh and surely he’d find a way of making his signature tomato, red wine and chorizo risotto smell good in perfume, too? We’ll just have to wait and see…


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