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Olympic sailor Stuart Bithell reviews Hollister Wave For Him and Her

By Lauren Carbran

Tried the new Hollister Wave For Him and Her? You’re missing out if you haven’t! Don’t believe us?

Well, we got British sailor, Stuart Bithell (Olympic silver medallist at London 2012), to try out both. Here’s what he thought…

20110516 Copyright onEdition 2011© Free for editorial use image, please credit: onEdition Skandia Team GBR 470 sailor Stuart Bithell during a training session at the Weymouth and Portland National Sailing Academy, the home of sailing for the 2012 Olympics. For more information contact Lindsay Bell at the RYA on +44 (0) 7900 570 530 or email: If you require a higher resolution image or you have any other onEdition photographic enquiries, please contact onEdition on 0845 900 2 900 or email This image is copyright the photographer 2011©. This image has been supplied by onEdition and must be credited onEdition. The author is asserting his full Moral rights in relation to the publication of this image. Rights for onward transmission of any image or file is not granted or implied. Changing or deleting Copyright information is illegal as specified in the Copyright, Design and Patents Act 1988. If you are in any way unsure of your right to publish this image please contact onEdition on 0845 900 2 900 or email info@onEdition.comTesting: Hollister Wave For Him

The fragrance: Refreshing top notes of grapefruit and bamboo leaves blended with lavender and sun-drenched neroli conjure up Californian beaches, while the base notes of rainforest tonka bean and salty driftwood will remind you of the blazing summer sun.

What’s your initial reaction? 

Nice! I like the smell. It reminds me of the beach.

What can you smell?

Instant freshness. It’s high end, clean and warm.

If you close your eyes, where does it take you? 

To the beach, in a cool bar, drinking a cold beer.

Would you wear this to stay fresh during sailing events? 

Yes, definitely.

Why do you think guys should wear this in summer? 

It’s fresh, not too overpowering and an easy after shave to wear every day. Whether you’re planning a trip to the beach or just want to be reminded of it, it will keep you smelling great.

When you finish a sailing event, how important is freshening up to you?

It’s really important. After a race, there are usually social activities in the evening, at the sailing club or in a bar. Next time, I’ll be freshening up with Hollister Wave For Him.


Testing: Hollister Wave For Her

The fragrance: Californian flowers mix with juicy citruses and blackberry sorbet for a sparkling scent to cool you down. At its base, the creamy sandalwood and amber crystals capture the atmosphere of a perfect Californian sunset.

What’s your initial reaction? 

It’s fruity and summery, and it reminds me of girls who like to sunbathe.

What type of girl would this perfume suit? 

I think it would suit the younger generation, and girls who enjoy the outdoors.

What do you like about the smell? 

Its sweetness. It reminds me of a red sunset over a super-blue sea.



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