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Finding the one: how beauty bloggers chose their wedding perfume

By Nicole Campanaro

You’ve made the big decisions – the venue, the dress, the flowers, the cake – but have you decided on the perfume you’ll be wearing on your wedding day? Well, listen up, brides-to-be… we’ve spoken to some of our favourite beauty bloggers to find out which scent they wore on their big day. Prepare to be inspired by these beauty blogger wedding perfume choices…




Nic Chapman of Pixiwoo

‘I wore DKNY Women on my wedding day. It’s light, clean and fresh. It was also the only fragrance I could wear while I was pregnant with both my children because it is so fresh. It’s such an important fragrance to me – and holds so many amazing memories, too.’



Finding the one: how beauty bloggers chose their wedding scent

Patricia Bright

‘On my wedding day I didn’t want to wear anything too overpowering. I chose Burberry Weekend, which matched perfectly as it’s light, fresh and elegant. It made me feel beautiful, and my hubby loved it, too.’



Finding the one: how beauty bloggers chose their wedding scent

Shelley Cook

‘I chose to wear D&G Collection Pour Femme in 3 L’Impératrice because my husband bought it for me while we were dating. I know he likes it, and the smell takes me back to the early days of our relationship. He always comments when I wear it and says it reminds him of our wedding day, which I also love. I know I can wear it forever and still have the feelings I had on my wedding day. It brings back the happiest memories from the best day of my life.’



Finding the one: how beauty bloggers chose their wedding scent

Safira Ali of Safira Says

‘Dior J’adore was the first present my husband gave me, which is why it has a special sentimental value. Wearing it on my wedding day reminded me of all the reasons I fell in love with him, while celebrating the start of the rest of our lives together. It’s a classic, feminine and floral scent – I especially love its hint of rose – which I now only wear on special occasions.’



Finding the one: how beauty bloggers chose their wedding scent

Christy Osborne of American Girl in Chelsea

‘I wore Chloé. My husband gave it to me as a present before we got married, and that’s the scent I’ve only ever worn since. It’s really delicate and makes you smell fresh and lovely without feeling you’re covered in perfume.’


5 need-to-know tips for picking a wedding-day perfume

  • If you’re getting married in the spring or summer, why not match your fragrance to the season? A floral or fresh scent is ideal for sunnier months, while woody, oriental perfumes are more suited to an autumn or winter wedding.
  • Think of some of the happiest memories you and your partner have shared. Do you associate them with any particular scents? If so, look for those notes for your wedding-day choice.
  • Think about fragrance layering. Choose a fragrance that also has a body lotion in the range, and apply this generously before the perfume, to ensure the fragrance lasts from day to night.
  • If you want to keep the bottle you used on your wedding day as a memento, consider its design, and maybe choose a bottle you love just as much as the scent inside.
  • It’s your big day, so pick a perfume that you love – and most of all enjoy yourself!


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