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5 Minutes with Zac Efron

By Lauren Carbran

No words are needed. What you read is true. Yep! We sat down with life crush Zac Efron and got to know the guy behind the poster on our bedroom wall and the new face of HUGO Man

Summer or winter?


Salad or burger?


Do you sing in the shower?


Cool. What’s your biggest fear?


Favourite emoji?

The winking face with the tongue out.


Favourite song?

Alright, Kendrick Lamar.


How does it feel to be the new face of HUGO Man?

It’s an honour to be the new face of HUGO Man. It’s a brand I respect so much, and it’s a dream come true.


Do you have a signature HUGO scent that you wear every day or have worn in the past?

HUGO Man is my signature scent – I love it.


What smells are you usually drawn to? Do you have a favourite smell?

I’m drawn to fresh fragrances, and my favourite is the smell of the sea – it reminds me of my love of surfing.


As the Hugo Boss brand ambassador, how would you like people to be inspired by the campaign?

I’d like people to grasp the message, and remember that time is precious. We only have this moment to take charge of our lives and change the world. Today could be the day you make your dreams come true – Your Time Is Now.


The campaign is all about being inspired by your own hopes and dreams. When you were younger, what was your biggest ambition?

To achieve good grades at school, and to excel in the theatre. I really wanted to be good at basketball, too.


If you weren’t an actor or producer, what would you be?

If I wasn’t an actor, I would like to be in the arts industry. I love painting and drawing, so I would have loved to be an architect.


How important is it to follow your dreams?

Following your dreams is everything. Sometimes it’s hard to work out what you want, but once you’ve figured out what your dream is and start to take ownership of it and pursue it, the gratification is ten times what you ever dreamed it would be. The journey is never easy, but it’s always worth it in the end.


How do you think wearing fragrance can boost your confidence?

Wearing fragrance is the ultimate confidence boost. If you know you smell good and wear a fragrance that matches your mindset, you’re ready to face anything.


Tell us about HUGO Iced. How excited are you for it to launch?

I’m so excited for HUGO Iced to launch. It’s an even fresher fragrance than HUGO Man, and it’s also got a real burst of energy – it wakes you up when you spray it. I love it.


Which country would you take HUGO Iced to this summer?

I’d take HUGO Iced to Dubai – I can’t wait to visit there again.



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